Time to ditch the gym membership.

75% of Americans either quit the gym after a few months, or just don't have the confidence needed to commit to a public gym. With our at home exercise equipment, you can get the workout a gym membership would provide from the comfort of your own home.

Affordable and High Quality

-High quality home exercise equipment can be very pricey. We aim to change that

-Our equipment is not only sturdy, but affordable too

LCD workout display.

Get accurate readings on your workouts for calorie tracking and more.

What our customers have to say

“I finally cancelled my gym membership after 6 months of not going. Thanks to this little device I was able to see better results than when I was going to the gym. Working out at my desk was a game changer!” -Marie Silva, ex-gym member

“I brought this into the office for my late night shifts. Soon enough I had my coworkers get into it too! Great way to get into exercise without the high cost of equipment” -Jason Denali, business manager

“What are you waiting for? Get this and get moving!” -Bradley White, personal trainer